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Business Analysis can often be confusing & misunderstood. Just take a few minutes to look at BA job postings. You will probably come up with as many definitions of the same role! However, many organizations (such as the IIBA) and BA professionals are trying to standardize and professionalize the role with boot camps, certifications and other formal material.

While this is a good start, we’re still stuck in vanilla mode. The concepts & frameworks proposed are far from the reality BAs face in their day-to-day. In the real world, BA work is flavoured by the context in which we work. Through my short career as a BA, I had the opportunity to wear multiple hats, building on my BA foundations while broadening my knowledge in different areas. The BAs I’ve worked with throughout the years shared the same profile. My conclusion: the vanilla BA is a myth – but the business world thrives on versatile BAs.

With The Hybrid BA, I will help you to broaden your business analysis foundations in different directions. You’ll learn more about complementary disciplines, from user experience design to project management, and more! You’ll discover how you can leverage your existing BA skills to get started in those fields. You’ll get frameworks & tools that you can apply immediately. And you’ll get useful resources to deepen your learning journey in that domain.

This new hat won’t make you an expert. But it will help you to uncover blind spots in your business analysis practice, and to identify when you need additional expertise. Broadening your knowledge will make you a better, more versatile, hybrid BA.

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