What if… The One-Person Product Team

Teamwork has never been so important to develop a fantastic product – leveraging everyone’s expertise in an optimal way.  Yet, we often end up as a one-person team – doing everything and anything to make our product a success. Even when you get to collaborate with some product experts, it’s hard to draw the line between everyone’s expertise. Often, this means duplicated work and wasted efforts, and nothing to make your product better.

I have been working like this for almost 15 years now, wearing multiple hats on different product teams and navigating inefficient team dynamics. Relying on official job descriptions is often the worst way to find answers to those problems. After all, it’s not because it’s your job that you’re the best person to perform a task.  And when your team doesn’t have the required expertise, it doesn’t mean that you can just skip critical tasks. Someone will do them whether you want it or not, so you better figure out how to get the best output possible.

As a jack-of-all-trades, often working with limited resources, I built many strategies over time to ensure that our product teams could focus on building the best product. The main objective was to not skip essential work or waste time or effort on overlapping responsibilities. I want to help you to can leverage your own expertise and best product practices to build awesome products, whether you’re a one-person product team or not.

I won’t make you an expert in all product domains.  Instead, I will help you build the right mindset to know what to do when no expert is around, and how to better define your boundaries when working with others. Through exciting stories, you’ll learn about how each expertise (PM, PO, UX, BA) can help you craft that amazing product. And to help you make the most of this story, I’ll share with you the toolkit I’ve built over time, taking the best of each expertise to be (hopefully) the best one-person product team.

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