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2014 in review: most popular posts, and more!

Back in May 2014, I launched a new version of my blog, more or less five years after I closed my previous one (which strangely happened after we got our twins 🙂 ). My first blog was a mix of too many things at the same time, and I decided that the new one would focus on one thing, ie my Business Analysis learnings. I’m happy I was able to keep my publishing rhythm to about one post every 2...

Are your business processes ready for a snowstorm?

It’s December here in Montreal, and snow is back in our lives for the next 4-5 months. Excited weathermen on TV news, traffic jams, closed schools and power outages will become our new daily and unexpected routine, even if the same thing happens every year (before your leave this page, this is not a rant against snow; I actually love winter!). As I was walking to the train station the...

The Busy BA Reading List, December 8th 2014 edition

Clock and office buildings

Too busy to crawl the web for interesting Business Analysis content? Not interested by social networks noise? The Busy BA Reading List brings you the best Business Analysis articles and websites I came across while surfing the Internet. Christmas is coming soon (in 17 days to be precise). Since you probably have a lot to do before spending some time with your family, let’s get straight...

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