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Discover your Thinking Style and how to use it for better collaboration with your stakeholders

Using Thinking Styles for better collaboration

Most of Business Analysis is about communication & collaboration . I even used to tell my students that our job was 80% communication / 20% analysis! This involves a lot of soft skills in order to be able to identify the best ways to interact with our business & IT stakeholders. This knowledge of your stakeholders is critical if you want to tailor your BA approach and optimize your work. One of...

Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #17

Eric the BA Business Analysis Reading List

It’s been a very long time since the last edition of my Reading List. So long that I have over 30 articles in my waiting list (which means I could publish 6 or 7 editions right now!). So long that the 16th edition was published almost one year ago πŸ™‚ But the wait is now over! After spending some time to redesign the website, I started publishing new articles back in November, and I have new ones...

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