Making sense of chaos. That’s probably what best describes my role as a UX Analyst. Jack of all trades, I’m jumping between strategy, business analysis, requirements elicitation, stakeholder management, product design & user research to help build solutions aligned with users’ & stakeholders’ expectations.

I thrive in complex environments and early project stages where everything needs to be defined. I make it a duty to build a shared understanding among everyone involved so that we, as a team, can build what’s best for users.

This blog is my humble contribution to the Business Analysis, User Experience & Product communities. Enjoy the read! 🌪️

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From stakeholder-biased to user-focused innovation: 4 lessons from the field

Two darts on a target

In this post, you'll learn more about: How to identify environments where stakeholders might have more influence than users on your innovation initiatives; How to set the stage to go from stakeholder-biased to user-focused innovation; How to have your stakeholders build empathy for your users; How to bring back users upfront & center. When you want to create products & experiences, the...

What if… The Hybrid BA

Business Analysis can often be confusing & misunderstood. Just take a few minutes to look at BA job postings. You will probably come up with as many definitions of the same role! However, many organizations (such as the IIBA) and BA professionals are trying to standardize and professionalize the role with boot camps, certifications and other formal material. While this is a good start...

What if… The One-Person Product Team

Teamwork has never been so important to develop a fantastic product – leveraging everyone’s expertise in an optimal way.  Yet, we often end up as a one-person team – doing everything and anything to make our product a success. Even when you get to collaborate with some product experts, it’s hard to draw the line between everyone’s expertise. Often, this means duplicated work and wasted...

What if… Making sense out of chaos

Disney. Apple. Ikea. Uber. Tesla. These companies orchestrate intricate layers of complexity on a day-to-day basis, yet they manage to offer a delightful & frictionless experience to their customers. Thousands of employees, multiple sites, external vendors, artificial intelligence and exponential technological growth; they figured out how to make sense out of chaos so that their customers...

Requirements: how to add depth to your UX practice using business analysis

In this post, you’ll learn more about: How Business Analysts traditionally see requirements; How UX experts also play with requirements, even if they don’t know it; What is the full requirements spectrum (hint: it’s not only about the system); How you can add depth to your UX practice using requirements A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues was quickly explaining the role of the UX team on a new...

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