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7 Lists to get things done as a Business Analyst

For a long time, I had difficulties using my lists effectively. I had a lot of lists to manage various aspects of my work, but it was hard for me to extract useful data from those lists. Moreover, I had so many lists that even though I had created those lists to help me, I was spending too much time trying to find the right list to get the information I needed. In the end, many of those lists...

Discover your Thinking Style and how to use it for better collaboration with your stakeholders

Using Thinking Styles for better collaboration

Most of Business Analysis is about communication & collaboration . I even used to tell my students that our job was 80% communication / 20% analysis! This involves a lot of soft skills in order to be able to identify the best ways to interact with our business & IT stakeholders. This knowledge of your stakeholders is critical if you want to tailor your BA approach and optimize your work. One of...

Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #17

Eric the BA Business Analysis Reading List

It’s been a very long time since the last edition of my Reading List. So long that I have over 30 articles in my waiting list (which means I could publish 6 or 7 editions right now!). So long that the 16th edition was published almost one year ago 🙂 But the wait is now over! After spending some time to redesign the website, I started publishing new articles back in November, and I have new ones...

Should Business Analysts fear Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trendy subject these days. Major companies are setting up AI labs everywhere to accelerate research and identify new growth opportunities in their industries. New jobs are being created to support this growing field, and schools from around the world are launching new programs to train the next generation of workers. While it all seems positive, artificial...

Don’t be that Poor, Lonesome Business Analyst

Many of the Business Analysts I had the chance to work with in my short career were excellent BAs. They were dedicated team players and were appreciated by their stakeholders. They were knowledgeable and recognized as experts in their organization. They had everything to succeed as Business Analysts! However, they had one big shortcoming: they were performing Business Analysis as a one-man show...

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