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The Busy BA Reading List, July 23rd 2014 edition

Clock and office buildings

Too busy to crawl the web for interesting Business Analysis content? Not interested by social networks noise? Twice a month, the Busy BA Reading List brings you the best Business Analysis articles and websites I came across while surfing the Internet. Hey there! Summer is very nice this year, which keeps me away from the computer. But don’t worry, this edition is filled with...

What is Business Analysis: a building blocks experiment

Explaining what we do as Business Analysts outside of a professional context can be hard (hello mom!). I even found a very specific website doing it! Back when I was teaching a mandatory Information Technology introduction course to undergraduate students in business administration, one of my classes was about business needs and business processes, which is one part of what is Business Analysis...

The Family Business Analysis, or how to use your BA skills at home

As we enjoyed a nice extended week-end over here (thanks to Canada Day holidays), I tried not to think about my business analysis job, and tried to spend most of my time in or near the pool with the kids. After an exhausting day, my girlfriend and I were discussing about our changing our car while the kids were playing around the pool. It’s not like we had the choice, as our 4-year lease...

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