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User feedback made easy

I take a lot of notes about articles I reading, and I find it sad to keep them for myself. So, I’m trying a new type of blog post to make this content available to you: the Chaos Nuggets! It’s a summary of the key elements I found in one or many articles, that you can apply right now in your own context. Hope you’ll enjoy this first one about user feedback! You don’t need...

How to use a diary study experiment to improve your own UX & BA journey

A diary study can be incredibly powerful to be a better UX & BA expert

I’m a big fan of continuous improvement everywhere – at home, at work, or for myself. When I have the feeling that things are going out of control, I love to try new things or apply techniques from my toolbox. Needless to say, with my new job as a BA within a UX team, it happens often 🙂 I recently came across an old article about the ultradian rhythm – the rhythm by which the...

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