Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #13

It’s been a long time since the last Reading List, but hey! life happens 🙂  I’ve been busy at a lot of different things (among them, some of the articles highlighted below), as well as on various secret projects for Eric the BA, but I finally got some time to prepare a nice reading list for my readers, just in time for the real beginning of the summer.

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Too busy to crawl the web for interesting Business Analysis content? Not interested by social networks noise? Once a month in a while, Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List brings you a review of some of the best Business Analysis articles and websites

From Eric the

In case you missed them, here are the most recent and most popular posts since the last edition of Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List:

From the Web

1Communicating information about data is critical to the success of a Business Analyst. However, it’s often hard to create diagrams and tables that are really meaningful to your stakeholders. Kell Condon at Seilevel gives us some tools and tips to better visualize data.

2Business Analysis is a discipline that can easily translate to your personal life (whether you’re buying a car, or filling your taxes). Josh Deadman at RedVespa provides another good example of it following the birth of his latest child (link unavailable anymore). I’m sure you can relate to all these examples 🙂

3Assumptions are one of the elements that can make or break a project, whether you get them right or wrong. In a post about designing applications for mobile users, Jolanta Pilecka illustrates this situation very well.  Because a system supports a business process in a desktop mode, it doesn’t mean that you can just mobilize the system for mobile users assuming they’ll use it the same way; you have to rethink the whole thing, not just shrink it.

4As a Business Analyst, you want to establish great relationships with your stakeholders and other BA colleagues in order to distinguish yourself and do great work. How can you develop a nice BA “brand” in your organization? High quality work is always a must, but some specific behaviors can also help you to achieve this.  Aaron Whittenberger guides us through some elements to consider to nurture your BA brand.  The Junior Business Analyst Manifesto could also help you in this 🙂

5We all know how indispensable are Business Analysts in organizations, but it’s often hard to share this passion with other people in your organization. If you need some material to illustrate this, Brad Egeland highlights 5 reasons why BAs are an essential asset to any project.

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