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Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #13

Eric the BA Business Analysis Reading List

It’s been a long time since the last Reading List, but hey! life happens 🙂  I’ve been busy at a lot of different things (among them, some of the articles highlighted below), as well as on various secret projects for Eric the BA, but I finally got some time to prepare a nice reading list for my readers, just in time for the real beginning of the summer. I also started to be more...

The Family BA: prioritizing requirements for the tax season

Spring might not come fast this year in Eastern Canada (it was still -25°C in the morning this week), but April usually means it’s the return of the Tax season! After preparing our tax reports this year, I realized that many of the activities we were performing as a family were requiring Business Analysis skills & techniques. How so? Since we were getting a nice tax refund this year...

Business Analysis Kitchen: recipes for perfect requirements

A few weeks ago, I came across a post from Adrian M. on ModernAnalyst.com describing an interesting solution to a common BA problem: when do you know that you captured all requirements? In a nutshell, his technique, aka the Popcorn Way (kudos for the name!), states that you should end requirements gathering activities when the time between requirements discoveries reaches a specific threshold...

The Family Business Analysis, or how to use your BA skills at home

As we enjoyed a nice extended week-end over here (thanks to Canada Day holidays), I tried not to think about my business analysis job, and tried to spend most of my time in or near the pool with the kids. After an exhausting day, my girlfriend and I were discussing about our changing our car while the kids were playing around the pool. It’s not like we had the choice, as our 4-year lease...

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