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Don’t be that Poor, Lonesome Business Analyst

Many of the Business Analysts I had the chance to work with in my short career were excellent BAs. They were dedicated team players and were appreciated by their stakeholders. They were knowledgeable and recognized as experts in their organization. They had everything to succeed as Business Analysts! However, they had one big shortcoming: they were performing Business Analysis as a one-man show...

You’re probably doing it wrong: 3 ways to improve your BA practices in 2015!

Welcome in 2015! Since the year is now more than 5 10 12 19 days old, your personal resolutions for the new year are probably already identified (publishing my first post of the year on time should’ve been one of my resolutions). If you’re among the most motivated of us, maybe you’re even on your way to reach them. However, have you made the same exercise for your professional...

The Busy BA Reading List, June 28th 2014 edition

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Too busy to crawl the web for interesting Business Analysis content? Not interested by social networks noise? Twice a month, the Busy BA Reading List brings you the best Business Analysis articles and websites I came across while surfing the Internet. Hey there! This edition is a bit late on schedule (Québec & Canada National Holidays keeping me away from the computer this week), but is...

3 Business Analyst skills to help you succeed


Many of my students without an IT background are often afraid when they show up in my first class, because they think that their lack of technical knowledge will prevent them from succeeding in my course, and from becoming a Business Analyst.  This is understandable, as for most people, IT jobs are technical in nature, and we all know that IT people are always stuck in front of their...

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