An easy way to measure Business Analysis Performance


Starting a new year often means annual performance reviews in organizations, as well as setting objectives for the upcoming year. Being a BA, I prefer when my business analysis performance objectives are SMART, making it easier to work towards their achievement through the year. However, I have always found it hard to define measurable objectives for what I do as a BA. The nature of our job...

Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #12

Eric the BA Business Analysis Reading List

It’s crazy how getting a recognized certification can change how people see you. Since I got my CBAP last month, I feel that many people realized how serious I was about Business Analysis.  I also realized that “CBAP” is an interesting keyword to add to your LinkedIn profile 🙂 I also reached more than 100 subscribers to my newsletter last month (115 actually)...

The Family BA: prioritizing requirements for the tax season

Spring might not come fast this year in Eastern Canada (it was still -25°C in the morning this week), but April usually means it’s the return of the Tax season! After preparing our tax reports this year, I realized that many of the activities we were performing as a family were requiring Business Analysis skills & techniques. How so? Since we were getting a nice tax refund this year...

3 Business Analyst skills to help you succeed


Many of my students without an IT background are often afraid when they show up in my first class, because they think that their lack of technical knowledge will prevent them from succeeding in my course, and from becoming a Business Analyst.  This is understandable, as for most people, IT jobs are technical in nature, and we all know that IT people are always stuck in front of their...

3 ideas to kill your next requirements review session

Conference Room

I often tell my students that although I’m in IT, I don’t work that much in front of my computer. Actually, almost 75% of my job is communication, oral or written. I need to talk with stakeholders to elicit requirements; I need to document & validate those requirements; I need to present those requirements to clients, technical teams, training teams, etc. In fact, communication is...

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