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I take a lot of notes about articles I reading, and I find it sad to keep them for myself. So, I’m trying a new type of blog post to make this content available to you: the Chaos Nuggets! It’s a summary of the key elements I found in one or many articles, that you can apply right now in your own context. Hope you’ll enjoy this first one about user feedback!

You don’t need a lot of resources (nor approval from managers) to perform some quick & dirty user research and capture invaluable feedback to guide your activities, whether you’re a UX expert or a BA.

Setting up a UX Cafe might be all you need!  Some key insights from an article:

  • A light approach like the UX Café allows you to implement a workflow to run UX studies efficiently and regularly
  • Format: pop-up stand in areas where users are common
  • Format: make it regular so people know they can expect it
  • You can use the approach to align quick user tests with your dev team needs

Read the original article here:

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