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Have you ever felt out of focus as a Business Analyst?

One of the good things about being a Business Analyst is how broad your job is. You can work in multiple areas of an organization. Also, you deal with many different internal & external stakeholders. You also wear both business & technical hats in projects. And although mastering these core Business Analysis competencies takes time, it’s a rewarding process.

I’ve been on this journey for more than 15 years. However, I quickly realized that to be efficient as a Business Analyst, I needed deeper knowledge in multiple areas. By working closely with experts in various domains, I learned just enough to be proficient in those areas. This proficiency helped me to do a better job as a BA, and to identify when I needed to bring experts to the table.

The problem was that I didn’t have enough time or opportunities to work with experts from all the domains I was eager to learn more about. While online resources were there, they were either too generic, too detailed or not actionable enough. Worse, they weren’t aligned with my existing BA competencies. And I didn’t have the luxury of time to separate the wheat from the chaff. I felt stuck.

I took the pulse of my professional network and saw that I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Many of my fellow BAs were looking for more focus in their career path. None of them had found the magic way to do it. The Hybrid BA idea was born.

Deepen your business analysis expertise with The Hybrid BA!

With The Hybrid BA, I want to help you bring more focus to your BA practice. How? By deepening your expertise in different domains.

I want to kick-start your learning journey by leveraging your existing business analysis competencies to enter new domains.

I’ll introduce you to the key foundations of these domains. Therefore, you’ll be more efficient as a Business Analyst and know when to reach out to experts to sharpen requirements.

I’ll equip you with the right toolbox to elicit & manage requirements in those domains.

I won’t make you an expert in those domains. But you’ll know enough to leverage them in your Business analysis practice.

Learn more about User Experience (UX)

Office workers at their desk
Coming soon!

Users are key stakeholders to consider, yet BAs often assume a lot about them. User Experience design brings them front & center, allowing more successful projects!

Learn more about Mastering complexity

In the works

While BAs are good at navigating complex environments, it can be daunting to start a project in the unknown. Hopefully, there are many ways to structure chaos by leveraging insights from many disciplines.

Learn more about Functional analysis

In the works

BAs with a business background often hit a wall when they get closer to system requirements. While you obviously don’t need to code to be a BA, some foundations in functional analysis can be helpful to elicit requirements properly & to communicate more easily with technical stakeholders.

Learn more about Process discovery & optimization

In the works

Garbage in, garbage out. BAs with a technical background often forget that systems exist to support business processes. Getting to know these processes & to optimize them before talking about systems will contribute to more successful implementations.

What to expect from The Hybrid BA packages

Knowledge tailored to your BA competencies

Packages are crafted with BA core competencies in mind. This way, you can quickly identify how to leverage them to discover a new domain of expertise.

Illustrated material to get the basics fast

An image is worth a thousand words. And since you don’t have time to lose, The Hybrid BA packages are filled with images and diagrams to illustrate key concepts.

Templates & checklists to be effective now

I love templates & checklists – especially the actionable ones. They are essential to guide you on the right track as a novice.

More to continue your learning journey

My goal isn’t to transform you into an expert. But if you happen to enjoy a particular domain, I’ll share with you interesting resources to continue learning.

Access to a community of learning BAs

Coming soon!

You’re not alone in this journey. Join The Hybrid BA community to take your learning journey to the next level.

Unlimited access to package updates

You’re not subscribing to anything with The Hybrid BA. After all, getting introduced to a new domain is a one-time thing! However, you’ll get access to all updates made to the packages you own.

Who’s behind The Hybrid BA?

I am what we can call a professional BA: right after university, I started my career as a BA with a small consulting firm in Montréal, with limited experience gained from past summer jobs, but no real professional background.

More than 15 years have passed since, allowing me to grow as a business analyst, mainly within the insurance & telecommunications industries. I touched many areas, from business process analysis & optimization to eliciting system requirements, and from quality assurance to training and change management.

Through all these years, I kept a real interest in making things simple, explaining complex concepts to clients, coworkers and users, and coaching junior analysts. Through blogging & teaching as a lecturer at HEC Montréal from 2007 to 2015, I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others.

More about me on LinkedIn

Eric Provost | M.Sc., CBAP, PSPO, UXC

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