Tales of a BA: bringing Business Analysis templates to life!

One of the main problem about learning Business Analysis (which is also one of its most beautiful characteristic) is that you have to actively perform it to become good at it. No matter how much time you take to read books, review Business Analysis templates or discuss about the subject, you won’t get a real grip on Business Analysis until you apply it in a given context.

Back in the days when I was teaching, one of the things I enjoyed the most was creating case studies for my students and guide them through the analysis process week after week. This is one of the closest from “performing Business Analysis” you can get in an academic context, and it allowed my students to learn and apply various concepts. The luckiest ones also had the chance to apply these techniques in their real-life jobs (most of the time with success!)

After more than 2 years of writing on this blog, I realized that I could use the same strategy to add a more hands-on approach to my blog posts, and bring more value to my readers; after all, aren’t BAs supposed to generate value? Welcome to “Tales of a BA”, my new series that will bring Business Analysis to life!

What to expect from this new series about useful Business Analysis templates?

In this new series of posts, we will follow my friend William, a freshly hired Business Analyst working for Universal Gizmo Inc. This fictional organization provides the world with the most amazing products and services. Following William will give us the opportunity to analyze the key challenges he faces in his day-to-day activities. Moreover, we will also get deeper in the understanding of various Business Analysis tools and techniques.

Through this series, I’ll share with you more than reusable templates, which can be easily found on the web or in textbooks. Also, I’ll give you applied examples of how they can be used in a real context, supported by the tales of William at Universal Gizmo Inc.

Since context is the key in most Business Analysis activities, I truly believe that these rich examples will be far more useful for learning that simply looking at naked Business Analysis templates.

To keep you on the edge of your seat, here are some of the first themes that will be covered in the next months:

  1. Getting on board as a new Business Analyst
  2. Stay afloat with a scope/context diagram
  3. Mapping stakeholders relationships
  4. From data to information with mind mapping and graphic facilitation
  5. And much more!

In each of these episodes, we will follow William and see how he applies these techniques in his work at Universal Gizmo Inc. You will be able to download his Business Analysis templates as well as the results of his actual work, so that you can get a better grip on these techniques.

What’s in it for you?

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The first episode is now available! Get your brain ready and go read it now!

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