11 tips for better workshops with virtual whiteboards

Workshop facilitation is an art that takes time to master.  There are a lot of books, videos, blogs & online training material out there to help you, but the best way to become good at it is actually to do it (like a lot of UX & BA techniques).  However, when virtual workshops became a necessity last year, many good facilitators were taken by surprise. Indeed, they suddenly...

Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #15

Eric the BA Business Analysis Reading List

It’s already the end of the year, and many of my amazing projects for the blog are stuck in a parallel dimension, waiting for some free time opportunities in my schedule (which are desperately missing).  My motivation level is still high, new ideas are still piling up, and new opportunities are still available to improve our community of Business Analysts… which I guess is a good...

Bringing Agile to Business Analysis: takeaways from the Montreal Agile Tour 2016

Earlier this month, I had the chance to assist to the Montreal Agile Tour conference along with over a thousand participants.  This was my first participation to the event, and hopefully not the last! There was too many interesting keynote sessions, workshops, and conferences to see them all but it was a perfect occasion to benchmark myself against the industry best practices. It was...

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