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Comparing your Business Analysis practices is easier than you think.

Business Analysts are often lonely in their organizations, which is especially true in smaller ones. In this context, assessing your Business Analysis practices is not an easy task, and it is hard to convince yourself that you’re a good Business Analyst and that you follow the best practices in the industry (which can be completely different from being a good employee). Not to...

An easy way to measure Business Analysis Performance


Starting a new year often means annual performance reviews in organizations, as well as setting objectives for the upcoming year. Being a BA, I prefer when my business analysis performance objectives are SMART, making it easier to work towards their achievement through the year. However, I have always found it hard to define measurable objectives for what I do as a BA. The nature of our job...

Don’t blame the spreadsheets: 3 tips to avoid losing control of your data

I recently came across an interesting blog post from Adrian Reed. In his post, he argues that spreadsheets are evil and that they should not be used for any serious analysis in an organization (well, he’s not painting them as bad as this, but this explanation helps me to support my own post 🙂 ). Although I agree with some of his ideas, I think that spreadsheets, when they are well used, are...

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