Requirements: how to add depth to your UX practice using business analysis

In this post, you’ll learn more about: How Business Analysts traditionally see requirements; How UX experts also play with requirements, even if they don’t know it; What is the full requirements spectrum (hint: it’s not only about the system); How you can add depth to your UX practice using requirements A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues was quickly explaining the role of the UX team on a new...

The Minimum Viable Product, an approach to maximize your value as a BA?

Can the Minimum Viable Product concept be applied to Business Analysts?

In the startup world and in many Agile methodologies, the minimum viable product (also known as an MVP) is a key concept that helps contributors to focus on building features that create the most value to customers early in the product creation process. It provides guidance to the implementation team so that they don’t forget the customer objectives toward the product and fall for the HDD (hype...

Bringing Agile to Business Analysis: takeaways from the Montreal Agile Tour 2016

Earlier this month, I had the chance to assist to the Montreal Agile Tour conference along with over a thousand participants.  This was my first participation to the event, and hopefully not the last! There was too many interesting keynote sessions, workshops, and conferences to see them all but it was a perfect occasion to benchmark myself against the industry best practices. It was...

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