is dead. Long live Eric the BA!

The short version if you don’t have much time:

  • I decided to migrate my blog from to (my real name… how original!)

That’s it! Nothing else will change for you, except a new design for the blog and the fact that this newsletter will soon come from my new site address. You can also expect some glitches on the blog as I complete the migration.

Thanks for your precious time!

The long version now 🙂

It’s been a long time since I published content on the blog. Since I changed jobs last summer, I have a lot less time to write relevant content for you and as my mother said, if you don’t have smart things to say, don’t say anything at all!

At the same time, a new job means new challenges, and moving from Business Analysis to User Experience has shaken up a bit the career path I had made for myself as a Business Analyst. While the UX field is very similar to the Business analysis world, it brings a new light on it and will influence my editorial line from now on (in a positive way of course!)

This change also made me think about the evolution of my almost 5 years old blog and the direction I want to give it for the next years based on my successful (and not so successful!) experiments.

All of this led me to move away from my “BA” branding to my “own” branding & to simplify my blog so that I can explore new fields and focus on content creation instead of web site management.

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