Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List #10

It’s been a while since my last post in August! The fact is that I’ve been quite busy studying for the CBAP certification exam (which I finally scheduled on February 1st 2016) and preparing a private lecture on Business Analysis 101 (which was a great experience).

I also refreshed Eric the design to put more emphasis on the content and improve the reading experience. This will also help me to bring you innovative content in 2016 🙂

Let’s not waste more time; this is the first edition of Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List, a remastered version of The Busy BA Reading List (explaining the #10 of the current edition).

Too busy to crawl the web for interesting Business Analysis content? Not interested by social networks noise? Once a month, Eric’s Business Analysis Reading List brings you a review of some of the best Business Analysis articles and websites.

From Eric the

It’s a shame I didn’t have more time to write some great content recently, but studying for the CBAP exam is a great way to lose any free time you might have 🙂  You can still take a look at the Business Analyst Checklist to rule them all, which features new content.

From the Web

1Perfection is the enemy of making things done, which can be catastrophic for good BAs. In a good post on productivity killers, Laura Brandenburg highlights 5 time wasters for BAs. A must-read to start 2016 on the right foot.

2Entrepreneurship is a trendy term these days, but it is a powerful one for BAs, since they share a lot of characteristics with the ones of successful entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs). Richard Larson does a great job of highlighting the similarities and what it means for BAs in some recent posts on Watermark Learning blog.

3I’m a big fan of dry-erase markers when working in workshops; so much that I’m known as the Marker Guy among my colleagues. I was glad to see that I’m not the only one in this situation when I came across this excellent post by Angela Wicks explaining why dry-erase markers are one of the best tools against bad requirements.

4Communication is an essential skill for any BA (link to etba post). If you’re still wondering how good communication skills can make a difference, take a look at this real-life example from Megan Jackson at Seilevel, who brought a boring Visio process model to life to convince resistant stakeholders.

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