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The short version if you don’t have much time: I decided to migrate my blog from to (my real name… how original!) That’s it! Nothing else will change for you, except a new design for the blog and the fact that this newsletter will soon come from my new site address. You can also expect some glitches on the blog as I complete the migration...

New amazing Business Analysis resources available at Eric the!

News from Eric the! A few weeks ago, I created a wonderful Business Analysis Resources page to centralize the most interesting/viewed/discussed posts on this blog. The resources are categorized from different perspectives, which should make it easy to find content, whether you’re a junior Business Analyst or a senior one. I will keep this page alive by regularly adding new...

2014 in review: most popular posts, and more!

Back in May 2014, I launched a new version of my blog, more or less five years after I closed my previous one (which strangely happened after we got our twins 🙂 ). My first blog was a mix of too many things at the same time, and I decided that the new one would focus on one thing, ie my Business Analysis learnings. I’m happy I was able to keep my publishing rhythm to about one post every 2...

Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Eric Provost, and I’m the BA behind this blog. This is my first blog post as a wannabe-professional blogger; in the meantime, I’ll try to be as interesting as possible, blogging about my journey to mastering Business Analysis. If you want to know more about me, you can read the traditional About me page, or visit my LinkedIn profile.  You can also...

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